Strong tropical cyclone Niran heading towards New Caledonia

Tropical Cyclone Niran is rapidly increasing to Category 5 in the South Pacific and is now heading right into the area where the seismic anomaly is occurring.

The storm previously damaged a banana crop in Queensland, Australia, $ 138 million.

The violent tropical cyclone Niran (Australian grade 5) is traveling at a speed of 46 km / h and is projected to pass very close to New Caledonia on Saturday 6 March 2021.

At 11:00 UTC on March 5, Niran had a central pressure of 931 hPa and was over the Coral Sea, approximately 1,070 km east-east of Mackay, Australia and 860 km north-west of Noumea, New Caledonia, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Its maximum sustained wind was 205 km / h, and gusts were up to 285 km / h.

The northward shift is increasing, which will result in some weakening of the system, but the model’s recommendations indicate that the vertical system will remain for the next 12-18 hours, and therefore some further strengthening is possible during the night.

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