Strong wind in the USA belching trucks

Last Monday in Colorado was so windy that the cargo truck in literally blew right off. One such incident occurred on Federal highway 25, managed to take video. Fortunately, has done without victims.

In the County of El Paso rescue services had to work all night to pick the five trailers that were also overturned by the wind.
According to local media, on Federal highway 25 (Interstate 25) the wind knocked over a total of 34 freight wagons. On highway 115 Colorado (Colorado 115) two fallen of the truck.

The press service of the Department of transportation of the state of Colorado argues that much wind overturned trucks in their practice have not yet met.
Meteorological service of Colorado informs that the speed of wind gusts reached 160 km/h. as a result, the movement of heavy vehicles on roads under the jurisdiction of the Department of transportation of the state, was closed for 10 hours.

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