Strongest snowfalls in Yakutia

This winter came for a short time to the north of Myrninsky district. In the settlements of Aikhal and Udachny on the night of Saturday, the monthly rainfall rate fell, experts of the hydrometeorological service report. Currently, the snow-removing machinery is operating in an emergency mode. And the snow keeps on going.

However, there is not very thick wet snow, say residents Aikhal. It was here that most of the snow fell. However, this did not affect the operation of life support facilities, people simply had to dress warmly. Meanwhile, in the regional center of the town of Mirny is still the summer. For Aikhal and Lucky it is a normal phenomenon, yet the proximity of the Arctic circle is affecting.

Snow can go here in June and July, so that today he even something is late, citizens joke. According to the weather forecasters, in the next 24 hours the snow can also drop out in Berdigestyah, Anabar, Verkhoyansk, Lensk and Olenka.

And on Saturday, August 26, the Department of Hydrometeorological Service of Yakutia made a consultation on the adverse nature phenomenon. “On the night of 26 to 27 August in the Olekminsky district, in the afternoon of August 27, rains are expected in the Suntar, Nyurbinsky districts, sometimes strong,” the Yakutsk UGMS said.

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