Super-typhoon “Noru” goes to Primorye, Russia

Pacific super-typhoon Noru, which next week will come to Primorye, can cause river rises in the region to three meters and flooding of roads, according to Primhydromet.

On the eve of the typhoon Noru passed in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. He is in the super-typhoon stage. The pressure in its center is 930 hPa, the maximum wind near the center is about 70 m / s. Within a few days the typhoon will continue to shift in the north-west direction.

Forecasters note that, according to one version of the development of events, on August 9-10 the typhoon will approach the Primorsky Territory. According to another version, a whirlwind on August 8 may be in the northwestern part of the Sea of ​​Japan, in the immediate vicinity of Primorsky Krai.

“Thus, in the period August 8-10, the typhoon will influence the weather of Primorsky Krai to some extent.Therefore, residents and guests of Primorye should adjust their plans for the period of possible impact of the typhoon.If there is a possibility to refuse long trips these days, It is better to postpone them.If there is a real threat to be ready to turn off the tent camps during this period of time.The rise of the river level can reach three meters, which will lead to the flooding of highways. Ii, “the message says.

With a real threat, weather forecasters will give a storm warning.

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