Swiss climatologist scares the devastating weather anomalies in the coming years

Reto Knutti – Famous Swiss climatologist and professor of physics of Earth’s climate at the Institute of Atmospheric and Climatic Science, Zurich. A scientist of world renown is known for his research related to climate models. He was one of the key members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

At the end of 2016 he took an active part in the work of the International Group of Leading Climatologists of the World, which, together with the leading weather forecasters of the World, issued a closed report on the impending weather and climate catastrophe that will begin in 2017. The report was provided to the governments of all countries.

Next week, in an important newspaper in the Swiss media, the “Tribune de Geneve”, an interesting interview with Reto Knutti will be released. We will give only a few excerpts from this sensational interview:

– Mr. Knutti, at the end of 2016, an international group of leading climatologists and world-famous weather forecasters in which you participated, did a great job and prepared a sensational report. Why was it closed to the general public? What was so secret about him?

“It was not our decision.” Unfortunately … I, like most of my colleagues from around the world, believed and now believe that people should know the truth .. Whatever it was. But .. You understand that those who are at the top, their plans and views on everything and everyone, and that they measure by their measure the truth that can be given to people.

This applies to all aspects of life. Of course, their attitude to this issue is very strange. I think this is a huge stupidity. They think that they are above nature, above processes that are already in full swing, and that they will be able to control and regulate them.

They think that the elect can survive these processes, sit out hiding in comfort, and the rest of humanity they do not care. But this is not so. What has already begun will affect all countries and all! But they do not understand this or do not want to understand it.

They are afraid either of panic or of the fact that people will begin to demand that their governments start taking measures to prepare themselves for the meeting of the horror and chaos that have already begun to approach (and in some countries they have already been felt in recent months) rather than feeding them Positive for the future. Once again, the decision to close our report to the broad masses was made at the very top.

“So you want to say that something threatens humanity?”

– Threatening? (Bitter laughter). No. THIS HAS ALREADY STARTED !!! And this can not be stopped !! Look at what’s going on with the weather this year. In all countries … We warned about this in our report at the end of last year. Our model of future weather events by 80% coincided with those events that are now happening in the world.

I’m even scared of this. After all, if our report were not classified to the public and the governments of those countries where people died and died this year from abnormal weather conditions, prepared for these cataclysms, many victims could be avoided. It’s bitter and scary.

– Mr. Knutti, can I do more? Are there a few facts?

Reto Knutti holds out a sheet. Print simulation data from the computer. Date: December 24, 2016. It was enrolled: December 24, 2016.

– This is for you an example, that we modeled then for June 2017.

(We reproduce it in abbreviated form)

Forecast of extraordinary weather events for June 2017:

Uruguay – flooding (came true)

South Africa – a flood (it came true, dozens of dead)

Turkey – abnormal: rain and hail (not come true)

China – abnormal rains will lead to floods (it came true, more than 5000 people were injured)

Tajikistan – abnormal: showers and hail (it came to pass)

New Zealand – abnormal rains will lead to floods (did not come true)

Bangladesh – abnormal downpours (it came true, the number of victims – 145 people).

America is anomalous: rains, tornadoes, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, snow (not all came true)

Russia is anomalous: rains, frosts, tornadoes, tornadoes, storms, hurricanes, floods, snow, hail (all came true)

– Thank you. It’s impressive … And what can we expect?

“Why wait?” (Sadly smiling again) Do you have three more years of quiet life, you live in Switzerland? If you lived in America, China, India, Europe or Russia, then for you and these would not have been three years. And so. Devote these years to your family and try to prepare.

Do not make plans to buy a new fashionable car or promotion. Think about something else. How to preserve your life and the lives of your family in new conditions that have already come into our lives with new abnormal and extraordinary weather conditions. Try to just survive in the coming years.

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Does this really have to be like that? I mean look statistically (from what I can see) it’s 50/50 as always the case with any prediction.

Lucas Moavro

Prepare yourself. Change your thinking. God bless.

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