Tanzania expects the eruption of the volcano Ol-Doinho-Lengai

The threat loomed over the Olduvai gorge and the area of ​​Engara Sero. The next eruption of the stratovolcano Ol-Doinho-Lengai in the north-east of Tanzania is inevitable, warn geophysicists.

Predict its strength and name the exact date the scientists can not, but they fear that under certain circumstances the volcano is able to destroy paleoanthropological objects – traces of the first hominids in the Olduvai Gorge, which is 3.6 million years old.

According to the National Geographic magazine, the places where the remains of our ancestors were found are located only 110 kilometers from the Mountain of the Gods – so the Masai tribe calls Al-Doinho-Lengai. Much closer to the fiery mountain is the famous area of ​​Engare Sero, where they found about 400 footprints of Homo Sapiens left there from five to 19 thousand years ago.

The eruption of the volcano itself will hardly affect these places. However, if it coincides with the rainy season, the streams of water and the ash and stones thrown out by the Mountain of Gods can erase anthropological monuments from the face of the Earth.

In the case of the worst possible scenario, geologists at high resolution photographed the prints in Engara Sero, which, if necessary, will help to recreate them not only on paper, but also on a 3D printer

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