Temperatures reach + 40 degrees in Bulgaria

The heat wave continues and on Thursday afternoon the thermometers will fluctuate between 38 and 40 degrees almost all over the country. The exception is the areas around the Black Sea coast, where temperatures will be two to three degrees lower. Twenty-five areas have a yellow code of dangerously hot weather in effect.

There will be east winds blowing along the coast. Sea water temperature is about 25 degrees and the sea is calm. In the mountains, it is sunny and cloudless. Thermometers will show about 20-21 degrees in the high parts and up to 27 degrees in the low mountain ranges.

From Thursday afternoon through Sunday and early next week, conditions for afternoon summer rain with thunderstorms will persist in the western parts of the country. The heat will retreat into the central parts of the country. The risk of wildfires and field fires is extremely high in the coming days.

Places where the danger is relatively higher are the western and central areas of the Danube Plain, Kyustendil district, the fields of Haskovo district and some areas along the Struma River valley. Against the backdrop of hot weather, any unreasonable play with open fires can be fatal.

When it gets colder

Next week, winds will turn from the northwest and bring cooler air. A more intense cold snap with a cold front is expected around Tuesday through Wednesday. Rains will fall in different parts of the country, sometimes heavily. NIMH weather forecaster Evgeniya Traikova told “Hello, Bulgaria” about this on the air.

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