Temple elephant freaks out in Kerala, India

Although the participation of elephants in daily prayer rituals in Kerala temples is not unusual, one elephant has left worshippers in turmoil after he became agitated and threw down a man sitting on him. Now a video of a man narrowly escaping being trampled by the animal’s feet has gone viral.

The video, which circulated on social media, shows the animal shaking its body and head vigorously, causing the herdsman to fall to the ground. The angry elephant then pounced on the man, trying to trample him, but he pulled himself together and managed to escape quickly.

The incident took place at the Tiruvilvamala Vilvadrinatha temple in Thrissur district on Friday evening during a nirmalam ritual.

The man sustained minor injuries. The temple elephant, nicknamed Panancheri Parameshwaran, was calmed after nearly an hour and a half of effort when forestry officials arrived on the scene.

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