Texas under the hurricane Harvey

In Texas, which took the blow of Hurricane Harvey, the situation remains critical. The National Weather Service issued an emergency warning, in which a natural disaster is called unprecedented.

According to official data, two people died, some media report five. “Harvey” will be in the southeast of the state until Wednesday. The authorities warned that the situation could worsen in the next few hours.

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas: “The heavy rain will continue in several districts at once, which will lead to even more flooding and danger to Texans. I understand that now the focus of attention is Houston. But it is important to understand that outside of it people suffer from a natural disaster. Residents of Texas should be prepared for even greater rainfall today and for heavy rainfall. ”

Houston – the largest city in the state – suffered the most. There are flooded whole streets, some houses – to the roof. The airport is stopped. The rescue service does not stop calling for help. Local residents are evacuated by boats, but they are not enough for everyone. About two million people remain locked in flooded homes.

Hurricane Harvey has become the most powerful in the US for the past 12 years, since the storm hit Katrina, which in 2005 flooded New Orleans.

In Houston, because of the bad weather, the first floor of the building of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation was flooded. The building is de-energized, said Alexander Pisarev, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Houston.

Alexander Pisarev, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Houston: “We are working in an office building, in the morning they received a call from a serving company that the building had flooded the first floor. Approach or drive to the building is impossible. Apparently, we will post an announcement on our website that on Monday, most likely, we will not work. ”

We will remind, the storm “Harvey” has fallen to Texas on Saturday. In Houston, 508 mm of precipitation fell, and in the coming days this figure could double. Some hospitals are closed in the city, the airport has stopped working. On Tuesday, President Trump is expected to arrive in Texas. While it is known that he will visit San Antonio, but will not appear in the flooded Houston.

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