The American state of California is suffering from drought

The Committee on drought, the United States announced that, thanks to a rainy October, the drought in California is 25% stopped. This is especially true for the Northern part of the state. This is the positive report issued by the government in the spring of 2013, when 64% of the territory of the state was declared a drought is “moderate” or worse.

California is preparing for the sixth year in a row of drought, but the rains this fall have given forecasters some reason for optimism.

However, most of Central and southern California continues to experience “exceptional” or “extreme” degree of drought. 43% of the state such conditions are met for at least the last three months.






October brought Northern California heavy rains. The Sierra mountains, an important water source in the state received a record rainfall.

But one month of good rain is not enough, experts say – to end the drought throughout the state requires much more. Earlier this year the government cancelled the decree about a 25 percent reduction of water consumption for citizens in California.

According to experts from the University of California at Davis, the drought is only for 2015 has put the economy of the state the damage at $ 2.7 billion.

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