The area of high mountain glaciers in Peru has decreased by 40%

Over the past few years, the area of high mountain glaciers in Peru has fallen by more than 40%. Despite the urgent measures taken by the government, the melting of glaciers continues to this day.The most difficult situation is observed in one of the districts of the Andes, where several hundred glaciers.

The area of many of them is not more than 1 sq km current situation makes glaciologists to look closely the slightest changes in topography. All that while it can offer professionals is to equip the glaciers special sensors, which register all changes of surface temperature and air.

Glaciers located in such a way that sooner or later, their convergence is inevitable, as the slopes are almost vertical. At the slightest oscillation of the earth’s crust glacier becomes unstable, and heavy rains can cause erosion of the surface of the ice mass.

In certain tourist routes are booths with large photographs where you can see what glaciers was a few years ago.Glaciers can be dangerous for those who live below.

The largest natural disaster happened in 1970, when came down in the earthquake, the glacier has claimed the lives of more than 20 thousand people.Only in Peru is more than two and a half thousand glaciers, which are located in the mountain ranges. Besides the fact that they are a threat, glaciers are an important fresh water source for many Peruvians.

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