The Caribbean Sea suffocates from plastic waste

These photos will not print in the brochure, as they demonstrate how sad the state of the waters of the Caribbean Sea. In the pictures taken near Honduras, you can see the “island” of plastic waste. “Island” consists of bottles, plastic bags, plastic dishes – all this that blocks sunlight.

Publishing images, their author Carolyn Power wrote: “This should end … Think about how you use plastic in your daily life.”

John Aurston of the Blue Planet Society, an organization dedicated to the protection of the oceans, noted that this is the worst example of plastic contamination in his memory. He also added that the “island” plastic will break down and form small particles that will become part of the food chain, which will have a negative impact on the health of fish, aquatic mammals, birds and humans.

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This is disgusting. I travel every year between Olympia, Washington and Taif Saudi Arabia. Olympia is very green, laws against plastics, great recycling, Etc… very wildlife friendly and pleasant place to live. Taif, Saudi Arabia has turned into a sea of plastic bags, bottles and every imaginable trash everywhere. Years ago there were lots of exotic birds, butterflies, now it is urban sprawl wasteland. Sad.

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