The Cascadia subduction zone was rocked by a series of strong earthquakes

Three relatively strong earthquake was recorded off the coast of Oregon, in the area of seismic threat the Cascadia subduction zone. Three earthquakes recorded in this area for a few hours. The epicenter lies at a depth of 10 kilometers. The magnitude of the quake was 4.1, 4.1, 4.8.

The USGS has received reports that earthquakes were felt by local residents in the coastal areas of Oregon, although the epicenter of the seismic activity was located hundreds of kilometers from the coast.

A surge in seismic activity was recorded in the basin of the Cascadia subduction zone, seismic fault lines running along the lithospheric plate of Juan de Fuca. This area raises serious concerns not only scientists, but the population of the Pacific Northwest, because here every 240 to 300 years, undergoing a massive earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and higher, causing a catastrophic tsunami. The last such cataclysm occurred in 1700 (300 years ago).

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