The Central Russia continues to restore power supply

In the central regions of Russia works on recovery of power supply are continued. There is no electricity in several settlements of the Kaluga, Tver and Moscow regions. In Moscow area the Dmitrovsky district was strongly damaged.

Because of a sleet and snowfall which has fallen upon the center of Russia a week ago hundreds of trees have been broken, power lines are torn. Teams of repairmen work round the clock. There are difficulties with connection of power supply in housing estates and garden associations: there it is difficult to pass on heavy machinery and to have to perform the most part of works manually.

“For a short time MOESK together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations have solved this problem. Today all social objects — with heat, water and the electric power. About 300 settlements were without light, there was not such large number. We have many volunteers, we bypass all villages where there are lying elderly people, we give them help, food. Also big help is given to areas. For only one day about 12 thousand trees are cut down — really povat very big” — the head of Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region Valery Gavrilov has told.

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