The consequences of fires in California on video from the air

In the US state of California, forest fires continue to rage, which have already turned entire quarters into ashes. The scale of the disaster can be estimated from shots from Santa Rosa, filmed by a drone and published by The Association Press on Tuesday, October 10.

The video shows still smoldering houses, burnt to the very bottom, blackened trees and cars that look like they’ve gone through the war. Among the debris are charred frameworks of refrigerators and other furniture.

Firefighters continue to fight fire in several districts and are preparing to worsen the situation due to increased wind. At the moment there are 22 active fires. The area of ​​burnt land is about 50,000 hectares. The flames destroyed about 3,500 structures and caused massive evacuations. At least 21 people died.

At the end of Sunday and early Monday, the fire enveloped the residential areas of Santa Rosa. As of Wednesday, October 11, only one of these fires has destroyed 11,000 hectares and killed at least 11 people, making it the sixth most deadly fire in California’s history, officials said.

In the districts of Napa, Sonoma, Yuba, Butte, Lake and Mendocino declared a state of emergency.

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