The consequences of the typhoon “Duxsuri” in Vietnam

Typhoon “Duxsuri”, also known as “Maring”, hit Central Vietnam on Friday. As a result of the violence of the elements, at least four people died, another 10 people were injured. Deaths have been reported in the provinces of Quangbin, Ngean and Thyathyen-Hue.

A strong wind, the speed of which in some places reached 185 km / h, knocked down numerous trees, power lines and damaged thousands of houses. Many areas were left without electricity. Heavy rains caused floods in places.

In the grip of the weather were six coastal areas. Strong winds damaged the roofs of 62.5 thousand houses in the province of Hachin. About 50,000 houses were damaged in the neighboring province of Quangbin. An elderly man, trying to strengthen his house, fell and died of a head injury. One person drowned in the flood waters of the flooded river. In the province of Ngaen, the 83-year-old woman also died because of the fall of debris. At least 10 more people were injured as a result of falling trees or debris.

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