The consequences of the Typhoon “Lionrock” in Japan

In Iwaizumi in Iwate Prefecture due to heavy rainfall overflowed a river, and within minutes water flooded the first floor at the nursing home where you do not have time to evacuate nine people. The water reached the ceiling level.

The number of victims of tropical storm Lionrock, struck last week in the North-Eastern and Northern Japan, has risen to 18 people, the number of missing increased to nine.

All were on the first floor people were killed. All in Iwate Prefecture due to flooding caused by heavy rains, killing 16 people, seven people are reported missing.





On the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, two people died, two were missing. The result of the past in the North-East of the island of Honshu and the Northern island of Hokkaido Typhoon here for a day received more than the monthly norm of precipitation – about 300 mm. In Iwate Prefecture and Hokkaido has occurred, the dam breaks and flooding.

Tropical storm Lionrock last week was on the North and North-East of Japan, bringing heavy rains and squally wind.

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