The death toll from floods and landslides in central Vietnam rises to 102

In the Ke Guo reservoir in Ha Tinh, the water level has already reached its peak and is currently discharging water at a rate of 940 cubic meters per second (m3 / s).

The reservoir of the Ho Ho hydroelectric power station was discharging water at a rate of 85 m3 / s, and the Huong Son hydroelectric station – at a rate of 15 m3 / s. Other lakes and rivers in the area have also overflowed.

In Ha Tinh province, 28,418 households were flooded, mainly in Ha Tinh cities and Kam Xuen, Tach Ha, Huong Khe and Lokha districts.

Mai Wang Min, director of the Quang Binh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said flood waters are receding rather slowly.

“The Tuen Hoa area, an area near the Gian River, is still heavily flooded. We are focused on helping people here and evacuating them as planned, ”he said.

In Quang Tri province, 53,750 houses were flooded in nine districts of Huong Hoa, Dak Rong, Kam Lo, Dong Ha, Vinh Lin, Gio Lin, Quang Tri, Triu Fong and Hai Lang. 11,083 households with over 34,000 inhabitants were evacuated.

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