The earthquake damaged more than 100 thousand homes on the island of Kyushu

More than 102 thousand homes damaged in the Japanese prefectures of Kumamoto and Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu as a result of powerful underground cataclysms on 14 and 15 April this year.

Underground the disaster destroyed more than 8 thousand buildings, about 20 thousand buildings partially destroyed, more than 70 thousand objects are the individual damage. Inspection of all buildings in the earthquake-affected areas is not yet complete, there are concerns about the safety of the other buildings.

We will note, since April 14, Kumamoto Prefecture has experienced more than 1,5 thousand samozasiti, tangible person. Among them, two were lethal and destructive (magnitude 7). The result of the disaster killed 49 people, at least 340 local residents were seriously injured. Another 19 people died in the evacuation points from aggravated diseases and stress. The earthquake damaged more than 360 cultural heritage of Japan.

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