The earthquake measuring 5,2 has occurred at the island of Sulawesi

The earthquake measuring 5,2 has on the Richter scale happened in Sunday in a northern part of the Indonesian archipelago, there is no threat of tsunami formation.

Epicenter of a tremor was in 68 kilometers to the southeast from the island Sangikhe located to the North from Sulawesi on a joint of borders of Indonesia and Philippines. His center lay at a depth of 34 kilometers under the surface of the Celebes Sea.

Messages on victims and destructions didn’t arrive yet.

Indonesia is in the most seismically active zone of the planet and is a part of a so-called Pacific fiery ring (a powerful tectonic break). In this area of the globe the most active tectonic plates, one of which moves with a speed of 7 centimeters a year, settle down. Annually seismologists register 6-7 thousand earthquakes measuring over 4,0 here.

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