The element affected several regions of Kamchatka

In the evening of July 26 in the Elizovo region as a result of the mudflow, about 30 summer plots were flooded.

In two places the road of regional importance is connected, connecting summer cottages with the city. The rescuers assist the summer residents, whose plots fell into the rainwater flood zone on the evening of July 26. On Thursday (July 27), employees of the Kamchatka rescue center EMERCOM of Russia, at the request of the owners of dachas, dug out the gates and wickets, cleaned of dirt, sand and clay farm buildings. Work is underway to restore roads and driveways, the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported.

In the Ust-Bolsheretsky area on July 28, due to heavy rains, the water level in the Amchigacha River rose sharply. Several adjacent territories, as well as other facilities in the village of Ust-Bolsheretsk, were flooded.

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