The eruption of Etna: the volcano has accumulated energy and “crawled”

Europe’s largest active volcano Etna has shifted by almost 50 centimeters. It happened after the last eruption and a series of aftershocks. This conclusion was made by Italian geophysicists and volcanologists, after analyzing satellite data. The shift touched the eastern slope of Etna.

December 26 in Sicily, an earthquake of magnitude 4.9. Then about three dozen people were injured, and destruction was also recorded in small towns in the region of Etna.

The last time the tremors were recorded in the area of ​​Syracuse last night. According to TASS, citing data from Italian geophysicists, the magnitude of the strongest of them was 3.2.

Etna, as a rule, is activated once a year, and its activity does not pose a serious threat to the population, however, this time experts warn about “the accumulation of high energy”, so the Italian government imposed an emergency situation on the island for 12 months.

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