The eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland

The new vent of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in southwest Iceland is taking shape. Like the main crater, lava is flowing out of it.

When the new vent was first discovered on August 9 it was too early to tell if it was a new crater forming or just a tiny hole in the main crater. Yesterday, however, the Volcanology and Natural Hazards Group of Southern Iceland released the following statement:

“A webcam near the crater shows a new vent with lava splashing out of it. This hole has been visible for the past few days, but at first it was thought that the lava was simply flowing out through the edge of the crater. Now, however, it is clear that this is an independent vent, separate from the lava lake in the crater. Around this vent, near the main crater, a small crater bowl was formed.

Last night the team published another message describing the latest developments:

“The new crater in the Geldingadalir Valley grew rapidly today as lava erupted from it with great force, creating an even higher splash than in the larger crater. At this point, its height is approaching the height of the main crater or may even exceed it.”

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