The eruption of the volcano caused an abnormal cold in Hawaii

The eruption of the volcano in Hawaii led to the emergence of a natural anomaly, which put scientists at a dead end, nothing like this has not yet been recorded.

According to volcanologists, the interaction of red-hot lava with cold sea water, led to the formation of an abnormal natural phenomenon – a sharp cooling which results in freezing rain on the peaks of the mountains of the Big Island.

The National Meteorological Service of Hawaii has published an urgent message about a sharp cold snap. In Hawaii it was a real winter.

An unusual weather event puzzled scientists and meteorologists who reported that they had never seen anything like this before.

Meteorologist Pete Kagdzhano says.. “The flow of lava is actually caused by the winter weather in Hawaii lava enters the ocean, it cools and creates a lot of steam, this vapor rises to the top, cools and falls down already frozen, pouring freezing rain and frosty fog.

At an altitude of three kilometers, extreme colds were established and we issued an emergency warning for the whole island, so that residents would know about the real threat to their lives. Hawaii is a lot of mountains, all roads are now covered with ice, and the residents themselves are not used to winter conditions and they need to prepare for such weather.

Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather – KITV Channel 4

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