The Hayward rift. Tectonic Time Bomb

“Tectonic time bomb” – so Hayward’s fault is called seismology. It can cause the most devastating earthquake in US history.

The Hayward fault is a fissure between tectonic plates that starts in the southern part of the San Pablo Bay and is in a zone of increased seismic activity. According to scientists, it is here, in the vicinity of San Francisco, the risk of an earthquake with an amplitude of up to 7 points is very high. Its consequences can be truly catastrophic: about 20 thousand people will suffer – and this is only from the earthquake itself.

Due to damage to the electricity networks and destruction of buildings, a massive fire will begin, which can destroy up to 50,000 private houses. Another 400 thousand buildings will be seriously damaged. At least 10,000 people can die or get serious damage from the collapse of office buildings. Serious problems with drinking water will begin in the disaster region.

As a result of all of the above, approximately 400,000 people will become refugees. This cataclysm can become much more destructive than the legendary earthquake of 1906. Then 3 thousand people were killed, and 80% of the buildings of San Francisco were destroyed, and 300 000 people were left without a roof over their heads.

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