The huge cyclone “Reiner” over Europe

A huge atmospheric front of the cyclone “Reiner” on the border of cold and warm air crosses Europe and the European part of Russia (ETR). The length of the atmospheric front from Moscow to the borders of Spain is ~ 2.8 thousand km. It was the crossing of the cold front that caused a sharp cold snap in Moscow today in the afternoon.

The cloud system of cumulus clouds in the northwest Europe behind the atmospheric front is the result of the invasion of cold air from the north, the clear sky in the southwest Europe is the zone of the warm cyclone sector. Here in the next few days, a very warm air flow from the south will continue, which in combination with clear weather will ensure a further rise in temperature. The very same atmospheric front can not pass farther to the east, because it is blocked by a quasistationary anticyclone located above the south of the ETP.

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