The huge iceberg breaks away From Antarctica

Only during January, 2017 the huge break on the ice shelf of Larsen, has increased by 10 kilometers, and the total length of the crack which is breaking away a huge iceberg makes already 175 kilometers!

Scientists say that it is just a matter of time when the huge iceberg comes off the main part of the ice Antarctic shelf. When it occurs, this iceberg will become the biggest of all icebergs in the history.

Scientists consider that the iceberg will break away in several weeks or months. Process proceeds already long enough. The first crack in this area has appeared in 1960 and since then constantly increased. Growth rate of the crack has sharply increased in 2010, and now the sizes of the breaking-away iceberg reach 5000 square kilometers (1,930 square miles).

One more sharp jump of growth of its sizes has taken place in December, 2016, having increased a crack by 18 kilometers (11 miles) for a couple of weeks at once. The crack grows in parallel with the region of the shelf Larsen С and when the iceberg breaks away, the glacial shelf will lose 10 percent of all the area, and the level of the ocean will grow by 10 centimeters.

Scientists believe that the collapse of such huge site of the ice shelf, will accelerate destabilization of all glacier of Larsen that will lead to disintegration of the huge area of ice on icebergs and small splinters that can lead to catastrophic increase in level of the ocean.

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