The hurricane season in the Atlantic was a record

For the first time in 120 years in the Atlantic in one season, eight hurricanes in a row were formed. The eighth after “Mary” was a hurricane “Lee.”

According to the US National Center for Tracking Hurricanes, the tropical storm “Lee” turned into a hurricane on Sunday morning. For the first time since 1893 in the Atlantic there are so many hurricanes during one season.
On Sunday evening, the hurricane, which was assigned to the 1st category, was away from the land, about 1,448 km off the coast of Bermuda.

The first hurricane this season was Franklin, which was born on August 9. During the following weeks, three of the eight hurricanes, including “Harvey”, “Irma” and “Mary” reached category 4, and all of them reached the shore.

Thus, the “Harvey” in August hit the US state of Texas, hit record rains in some areas and caused severe flooding.

During most of its existence, the hurricane Irma maintained a wind speed of up to 289 km / s, longer than any other hurricane in the history of the Atlantic.

A total of eight hurricanes and 13 storms with a name were recorded this year.

On average, for the entire hurricane season in the Atlantic, which begins in June and ends in November, there are only six hurricanes.

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