The invasion of ladybirds is observed in the Belgorod region of Russia

Residents of the Belgorod Region complain about the massive invasion of ladybirds. Insects enter homes and cause a lot of inconvenience to people.

The problem arose in Borisovka, Stroitel, Yakovlevo, Blizhnyaya Igumenka, Shebekino, Ivna and Belgorod. On the walls of houses, balconies, windows and window sills, residents do not find ordinary ladybirds, but a species specially bred to fight aphids – a harlequin, clarifies the Belgorod No. 1 Telegram channel.

These insects overwinter in houses, and the number can reach thousands of copies. Harlequin secretions have an unpleasant odor, stains and can cause an allergic reaction in a person. The photographs show that the windowsills in some houses are strewn with bugs.

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