The Japanese volcano Simmoe

The eruption is fixed on the active Simmoe volcano of the Kirishima mountain chain in Japan

Meteorologists recorded a column of smoke and a height of 300 meters. At the beginning of the month, meteorologists noted the activity of the volcano and increased the degree of volcanic hazard by one step to the second level. This means that in the radius of one kilometer, the fall of large volcanic stones is possible, and therefore the roads leading to the volcano are blocked.

Meteorologists believe that a weak volcanic activity will last for a while, and urge caution. Ten kilometers from the volcano in the town of Takaharu, a small fall of volcanic ash was noted.

The Simmoe volcano belongs to the Kirishima mountain range on the border of Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures in the southwest of Japan. The last time the volcano erupted 6 years ago.

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