The level of the world ocean suddenly dropped

In recent years, all scientific publications dealing with climate change have focused the attention of the world’s population on the catastrophic and inexorable rise in the level of the world’s oceans, the disappearance of Arctic ice and link everything that happens to global warming, but for some reason no one has reported that the world ocean level unexpectedly dropped And no one reports the reasons for this phenomenon.

The myth of global warming requires constant support from its scientific community and the majority of society believes what they are told from television screens.

Data on ocean level changes are available, but who knows about them … I happened to stumble on the data posted on NASA’s Global Climate Change website, which shows ocean level rise from 1993 to the latest satellite data from April 13, 2017 . Of course, NASA also supports the global warming version, and in a commentary on these data, writes the following:

“The rise in the ocean level is due primarily to two factors associated with global warming: the flow of water from melting glaciers and glaciers and the expansion of water as it warms up.”

Fine, but the data on the graphs say the opposite! The level of the ocean suddenly began to drop.

In March 2016, the maximum growth in the world ocean level was recorded, which reached 88.5 millimeters per year, and then a sharp drop and decrease in the water level in the world’s oceans began, so in April 2016 it already amounted to 85.9 mm / g, in August 2016 it was 83.3 Mm \ g, and in April 2017 only 86.4 mm / g.

After April 13, data on the rise of the ocean level are no longer updated, although before the update of data from satellites occurred regularly – why? What do they want to hide from us, what is the state with a rise or vice versa by a decrease in the ocean level at the moment?

Recently, an iceberg broke away from Antarctica, which is capable of having a significant effect on the ocean level, is it really uninteresting for NASA scientists to track the state of the ocean? Why is the data no longer published?

After all, on the assurances of climatologists, we are in full swing with global warming, we are frightened by a swift new World Flood associated precisely with the rise in the level of the World Ocean. We are told that all the important glaciers in the world have almost melted, Antarctica is melting, because the ocean level must inexorably grow, but it is not so – why?

The first chart tracks the sea level change since 1993, observed by satellites.

The second graph, derived from the data of the coastal tides, shows how the sea level has changed from 1870 to 2000

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