The lightning bolt went through the Russian, but he survived.

Recently, Mikhail Beskudelin, a resident of the Leningrad Region, experienced a real miracle after surviving a lightning strike. Doctors, surprised by his condition, note that only small scars remained on his body after a discharge of several thousand volts. This amazing story took place in the village of Vozrozhdenie, and it has become the subject of discussion not only among doctors, but also among the general public.

Mikhail Beskudelin told about his experience during a trip to the countryside with his relatives. They encountered a thunderstorm, which caused a lightning strike. Mikhail recalls: “Already packed for home, we were approaching the car. I was just holding the back door for them to get in. And the first drops just dripped. I woke up on the ground, three meters away from the car”.

Surprisingly, Michael feels fine after the incident, but tries not to stand on his feet, as his heel still hurts. Doctors explain that the electric current passed through him, entered his arm and exited through his foot. However, according to Evgeny Biktimirov, head of the burns department at the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital, this outcome is very rare and usually fatal. He speculates that Mikhail may develop some superpowers in the near future.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that strikes with its power and destructive force. The temperature of lightning reaches up to 300,000 degrees, and it can be life-threatening to humans. However, in Michael’s case, he was saved by the fact that he received only a “shard” of the discharge, and the rest of the energy was taken up by the trees.

Lightning usually strikes single open objects such as airplanes, skyscrapers and monuments. Therefore, experts recommend not to take shelter under tall trees during a thunderstorm, and it is better to go down to a low place and hide from it in a low shrubbery. Alexander Tikhonov, deputy head of the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Leningrad region, emphasizes that during a thunderstorm you should not swim in water bodies, as water is a good conductor of electricity. He also advises to turn off electrical appliances and stay away from the windows of the house during a thunderstorm. In case you are in a car on the highway, it is better to stop, close the doors and do not get out.

Mikhail Beskudelin believes that the scars on his body are nothing, the main thing is that he is alive. He says: “It was offensive somehow, or something. It felt like it was an accident. It didn’t look like anything was going to happen. The guests arrived, the mood was good. And then bang, bang! And I’m lying there. Not very good.” He plans to celebrate his second birthday when he is discharged from the hospital.

This story of Mikhail Beskudelev became an example of the incredible survival rate of a man after a lightning strike. Lightning is a phenomenon that strikes with its power and leaves a deep mark on people’s lives. However, thanks to modern technology and safety knowledge, we can avoid such situations and protect ourselves from danger.

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