The Lithuanian city of Klaipeda flooded after a heavy snowfall

On the morning of November 13, a number of Klaipeda residents had to solve the problem of how to get out of the yard and get to work on a car. In the southern part of the city streets and courtyards literally flooded.

Rescuers received a number of reports that the machines were flooded. According to the duty officer, one person said that the water picked up the car and carried it away. “If there is an opportunity to go to work a little later, we recommend not to hurry.Of course, if the street is flooded, do not turn to it, do not dive into puddles, assess your possibilities, if you can drive, drive slowly and carefully,” said the head of Klaipeda traffic police Mindaugas Jermejka.

According to him, police officers, drivers should remember that there is help if the car can not leave the puddle, it is necessary to call for technical assistance. Police and rescuers can only help push the car out if the puddle is shallow, but can not remove it from the road.

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