The magnetosphere of the Earth cracked

The magnetosphere of the Earth, which is our shield against cosmic radiation, and radiation cracking. Such disturbing figures, published in astrophysics from the Tata Institute of fundamental research.

22 Jun 2015 muon telescope of the GRAPES-3, which is located in the Indian town of Ooty, has registered a surge of galactic cosmic rays with energy exceeding 20 GeV (20 billion electron volts). The activity of galactic cosmic rays lasted 2 hours and coincided with a coronal mass ejection on the Sun that collided with the magnetosphere of our planet.

This collision caused compression of the Earth’s magnetosphere in 3 times and caused powerful geomagnetic storm that triggered the auroras, interference in radio in many countries located in high latitudes.

A group of scientists have created a computer model of what happened and found out that the surge of galactic cosmic rays due to the temporary occurrence of cracks in the magnetic shield of the Earth.

Astrophysicists believe that this crack was the result of a collision with the magnetosphere of the giant size cloud of solar plasma ejected by the Sun. Scientists reported that the earth’s atmosphere then penetrated particles of cosmic rays.

The article about this discovery, published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

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