The number of victims of the typhoon “Damri” in Vietnam is growing in Vietnam

The typhoon “Damri”, which hit the central part of Vietnam in the weekend, killed at least 61 people, 28 are missing. More than 2 thousand houses were completely destroyed, more than 80 thousand were damaged.

Fleeing from the flood, more than 30 thousand people were forced to leave their homes. The submerged were a 30-kilometer section of the railway linking the north and south of the country, as well as many stretches of the Trans-Vietnamese motorway. Because of the disaster, many areas were left without electricity. Under the water was more than a thousand attractions.

Nevertheless, the schedule of the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, which will be held in Vietnam from November 6 to 11, did not change.

“Damri” became the 12th typhoon in Vietnam and the most serious natural disaster in the last two decades.

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