The Pacific Ocean has warmed to a dangerous level

“Pacific Ocean Thermal Wave-2019” – as the scientists called the discovered anomaly. It is observed on a site stretching from Northern Alaska to Southern California. The water temperature there quickly rose to a very dangerous level.

In some places, the water temperature is already “as much as 6 degrees above normal”, and experts are increasingly worried about what will happen if the water continues to heat up.

According to ZeroHedge with reference to a statement made on NPR, the situation is already so critical that the anomaly can lead to the death of marine fauna and the “destruction of commercial fishing” along the west coast. This refers, in particular, to the possible death of the salmon population harvested in these parts.

If the water temperature stays at a level of 20 degrees (Celsius) for a long time, this will negatively affect the health of young salmon, and mature ones may not reach spawning places. Raising the water temperature to 22.8 degrees will be fatal for fish.

A similar anomaly, called the “blob killer” (Blob), was observed by scientists in 2014. Then a local temperature increase of 7 degrees on average led to the death of hundreds of millions of marine animals. At the same time, scientists note that if the situation is similar, then this phenomenon will stop. However, it is already clear that the effect will be as strong as 5 years ago.

In this case, scientists wondered about the nature of the phenomenon. “Usually, such a drastic change in ocean temperature takes a considerable amount of time, but in this case we can see a drastic change in temperature in just three months,” said Nate Mantua of the NOAA Science Center in California.

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