The Pavlov volcano in Alaska will inevitably explode in the near future

The Pavlov volcano, one of the most active volcanoes of Alaska, to explode and to start a new eruption in the near future, warn geologists from the volcano Observatory in Alaska.

According to scientists, two volcano Alaska volcano Pavlov and Cleveland volcano, located on the Western tip of the Peninsula of Alaska, are showing signs of activity showing that they can Wake up soon.

According to experts of the Observatory, in recent days, the satellites recorded a temperature increase in the area of both of the volcano, indicating the accumulation of molten rock and gas in their magma chambers, and ground tracking stations recorded last night a tremor, and other signs of seismic activity in the vicinity of the volcano Pavlov.

This volcano is one of the most turbulent hotbeds of volcanic activity on Earth over the past year, he already has erupted twice, in March and in may, and predicted the eruption, according to seismologists, is “inevitable”. Even if it’s not going to happen this week, it should happen before the end of this year.

Over the last 40 years the volcano Pavlova has already made more than 40 eruptions, most of which began suddenly – on average, scientists were no more than half an hour before he began the outpouring of magma. The March eruption of Pavlov resulted in the release of large masses of ash into the atmosphere, through the cloud which flew passenger planes, which, fortunately, has not led to fatal consequences.

Now the Pavlov volcano and Cleveland volcano were transferred to the “yellow” category of danger under the current projections, if the eruption takes place, the ash will be directed toward the Bering sea, and Russian Chukotka and Kamchatka. The whole fly ash, as shown by maps of the eruption, will have to drown in a sea and will not cause harm to people or equipment.

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