The river Yellowstone discovered hundreds of dead fish

Thursday 11 August, the Department of fish, wildlife and parks of Montana (MFWP) reported a fish kill in the Yellowstone river near the town of Livingston. The next day, government officials went to the scene and found hundreds of dead fishes, thus confirming the information about the environmental disaster.

As representatives of the MFWP in its press release on the East coast of the river was found 382 dead whitefish. According to Sam Sheppard, head of the Department, the event is highly significant, because the sigs play an important role in the ecosystem and can be an indicator of the General condition of the river.

The cause of death of fish is currently not installed. Department staff collected samples of the Prefecture, to carry out the analysis in the laboratory. In addition, they appealed to the public to report new cases of death of fish, if any, will take place on the territory of the Yellowstone or in its vicinity.

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