The San Juan Firebirds

The terrible fires that ravaged San Juan and its surroundings in the 1980s attracted the attention not only of locals but also of scientists from all over the world. No one could explain the cause of such frequent and destructive fires that consumed everything in their path. But once Spanish researcher Salvador Ferxedo witnessed the flight of fire birds, and his discovery caused a real sensation.

Eyewitnesses reported that the fire appeared suddenly and flared up with incredible speed. Some even spoke about the appearance of huge birds with flames instead of feathers before the fire. But such accounts were not supported by most people, who considered them implausible.

However, everything changed when Salvador Ferxedo (a scientist who decided to investigate this phenomenon) himself witnessed the flight of fire birds. It happened in a village near San Juan. The flaming creatures appeared suddenly, and together with them the odor of ozone spread in the air. The birds flew over the roofs of houses and disappeared.

Another witness, a newspaper seller, described how the store building caught fire at the very moment he was at its door. According to him, flaming birds appeared before the fire broke out, and their flight was accompanied by the odor of ozone.

The flame birds varied in size: some were giants with small wings, while others were smaller but flapped huge wings. As soon as they touched the wall or roof of a building, they instantly flew away and the building itself began to burn. No effort could put out such a fire.

Numerous fires claimed the lives of many people and animals, and panic gripped the capital of Puerto Rico. Rumors of the impending end of the world arose. But suddenly the firebirds disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.

It turned out that San Juan was not the only city visited by these mysterious creatures. According to evidence, similar phenomena were reported as early as 106 B.C. during the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, fiery creatures also visited France and Portugal, where they were mistaken for fire spirits. Some peoples even made sacrifices in their honor.

There are different opinions about the nature of firebirds. Some believe they are aliens from another planet, others see them as sources of demonic forces. But so far no one can give a definitive answer to this mystery.

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