The Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala has thrown out a column of ash

After the volcano Fuego in Guatemala the Santiaguito was enraged giant, throwing a huge column of ash. Powerful explosion heard residents of the city of Quetzaltenango.

According to the National Institute of seismology, Volcanology, meteorology and hydrology of Guatemala, the strongest explosion occurred at 09:34 on Thursday, rose into the air a column of ash to a height of 4.5 km above sea level. The ash plume has spread to 25 km South-West from the mountains. In the nearby settlements was palapag.

Due to the increased activity of Santiaguito has power in recent weeks, are in a state of combat readiness. Residents nearby to the restless mountain settlements in order to avoid health problems it is recommended to wear a gauze bandage and cover water containers and food.

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