The seismic activity of Yellowstone and the volcanoes of California in August 2016

In August of 2016 within the Yellowstone Caldera were registered 34 of the earthquake. Such data in its monthly report submitted seismographic station at the University of Utah, responsible for the operation of the seismic network at Yellowstone national Park. The largest was an earthquake of magnitude 2.1, occurred on August 3, at 5:47 local time is 9 km to the Northwest of Yellowstone lake.

In General, seismic activity remains at background level in August in the Caldera has not been a single seismic series. With regard to the deformation of the earth’s surface, in the vicinity of the station Norris GPS it continues unabated in the range of 5 cm per year. The station registers a slow Caldera subsidence at a rate of about 1.5 cm per year.

Volcanoes Of California

According to the report, the California volcano Observatory, all of the volcanoes of the state of California demonstrate a normal level of seismicity and deformation. 1 through August 31 earthquakes with magnitude greater than 1.0 were distributed as follows:

The complex volcanoes of Medical lake – 2 push with the greatest magnitude 1.71.

Lassen volcanic center – 1 seismic event the M1.7.

Caldera Long Valley

Caldera long valley – 56 earthquakes with a maximum M3.53. Many of these seismic events occurred in the context of the series, was 10-15 Aug and 21 Aug at a distance of 4 and 8 km respectively to the South-East of the town of Mammoth lakes. In the area of the Mono craters occurred 3 quake of a magnitude of up to 1.37. One earthquake of M1.09 shook the mammoth mountains. Typical high level of seismicity remains to the South of the Caldera in the Sierra Nevada, where it has become the largest seismic event M3.49.

Volcanic field, Clear lake – 1 earthquake M1.47. Typical high level of seismicity was observed on the geyser field on the outskirts of the complex, where the largest push of a magnitude of 2.96.

Volcanic complex Solton-Butts – 11 earthquakes of magnitude up to 1.83.

COSO volcanic field – 5 shocks to the M2.78.

The mount Shasta and crater Ubehebe in August found no earthquakes above M1.0.

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