The storm tore the Russian ship off anchor and carried to the coast of Turkey

All eleven crew members of the Russian vessel Nefterudovoz-29, who fell into a storm off the coast of Turkey, were rescued and delivered to the port of Bartyn. However, as stated in the management company-operator, the dry cargo ship itself, which stood on two anchors, because of bad weather broke.

Now it is carried to the shore, and there is a risk that the ship will run aground if the Turkish rescue services do nothing. In the Turkish segment of the Internet there were video of the storm and the dry cargo ship remaining without a command.

“Neftorudovoz-29” delivered a cargo of cast iron from Azov to the port. Then he stood for a month in the roadstead near the shore. The new owner decided to sell the ship, and it should be towed to Rostov-on-Don.

Ex-director of the operator of the ship – the shipping company MBS-Shipping Konstantin Scherbina said that he is in direct communication with the captain of the ship. He also specified that the dry cargo ship is insured in the company “Sogaz”, and representatives of the insurance company are informed about what is happening. ”

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