The strongest downpour fell on Togliatti

Inclementous weather hit Ulyanovsk. More than 50 mm of precipitation fell and wind speeds of up to 27 m / s. Over the past 25 years, the city has never had such a strong wind.

As a result, the wind knocked down the trees, and by evening many streets were flooded in the city. In addition, in the territory of 5 municipalities (Ulyanovsk, Novoulyanovsk, Cherdaklinsky district, Terengulsky district, Novomalyklinsky district) are disconnected from power supply in part of 10 settlements, informs the regional GU of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. While it is known about one dead because of the fall of a tree on the power line in Novoulyanovsk, two policemen were injured in Ulyanovsk: a tree fell on their car.

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