The strongest rains have flooded Baku in Azerbaijan

As a result of heavy downpour had flooded streets and avenues of the capital, and the yards of individual houses, the traffic was hampered. To eliminate the effects of rainfall were involved in the manpower and equipment

Rescue special risk, State fire service of EMERCOM. People in cars were assisted, with streets and avenues pumped out water. In the course of rescue operations from flooded private houses evacuated 35 people, 17 of them children. Currently, work continues on pumping rain water in flooded areas.

The units of the Ministry to continue the evacuation of residents of individual houses, left in a helpless position as a result of rain on 28 September and the drainage of rainwater on the roads.





“At the moment in the safe zone evacuated 24 people, including three children,” – said in information.

28 September due to heavy rain the yards, streets and avenues of the city filled with rain water, interruptions in public transport. For liquidation of consequences of elements were involved in the manpower and equipment of the Rescue service special risk of emergency situations of Azerbaijan and State Fire Service.

As a result of the activities of the private houses were rescued 17 people, including two children. Currently pumping water in the territories filled with rain water.

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