The strongest snowfall in the Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido

The heaviest snowfall over the last 50 years fell upon the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Because of bad weather hundreds of flights and trains were cancelled.

The new airport to Titosa, the largest air harbor of the prefecture of Hokkaido located in 5 km to the southeast from the cities of Titose and Tomakomay tries to return to normal work after on Friday evening 280 flights were cancelled there. At the airport about 6 thousand people got stuck.

According to the ministry of transport, 95 more flights were cancelled on Saturday.

The rail carrier of JR Hokkaido suspended all services at the Sapporo station. In total about 470 trains were cancelled.

On Friday evening in Sapporo about 96 cm of snow dropped out. According to local meteorologists, it is the highest rate in December since 1966.

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