The strongest snowfalls in Japan

In Japan, there are strong snowfalls, warns Rosturizm. The agency advises to take into account the information about extreme precipitation to everyone who is going to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. It is expected that the tour operators will be engaged in informing clients about the Japanese weather.

A difficult weather situation has developed in the north-west and north of the island state – in the prefectures of Niigata, Fukui, Ishikawa and Toyama. Heavy snowfalls do not stop until January 15.

At least 600 passengers fell into a snow trap in the coastal zone of the Sea of ​​Japan on the night from Friday to Saturday. One person was transported to the hospital, four passengers, who felt unwell, were provided with medical assistance on the spot.

The reason for the stop of the four-wagon train in Niigata Prefecture was a heavy snowfall, which made the roads impassable.

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