The strongest wind in Ontario left 100,000 people without light

The strongest wind in the Canadian province of Ontario left without light more than 100 thousand people. Most of the electricity-deprived consumers live in Toronto and Ottawa – energy supply disappeared in the homes of 20,000 local residents.

Energy recovery works for the energy sector, but it is not yet known when the world will return to Canadians’ homes.

In a number of areas, the wind is supplemented by heavy snowfalls and heavy rains. The result is an increase in the number of road accidents. For example, near the city of Barry on a high-speed road there was a traffic accident involving 50 cars. About the dead and the wounded are not reported.

In the east of Ontario, a tree fallen by the wind fell on the pedestrian. The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. In the city of Mississauga, a strong wind dropped the crane.

According to Canadian meteorologists, the maximum wind speed in Ontario is 90 km / h (25 m / s).

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