The sun will destroy Earth in just 200 years

An unexpected statement was made by scientists from the European space research University only 200 years the Sun will destroy the Earth. Researchers believe that our planet is heated up to the condition of Venus, and loses all of its liquid water, and therefore no life forms in this hot desert will remain.

We all tend to think that the Sun will die after billions of years, and therefore we have nothing yet to worry, but the fact that these billions of years our Sun will exist without us – humanity will die much earlier.

Scientists say that now our Sun is losing energy at a rapid pace. Simply put the Sun runs out of fuel. When the energy completely runs out, the Sun will begin to attract planets that are close in the result of this process our Land as close as possible to the Sun and just burn out.

When our planet will be too close to the Sun life on earth would be unbearable. In the light of the luminaries will be so hot that people will have the day to hide in the underground shelters and to go out only at night. To begin the evaporation of all water bodies, destruction of plants, animals, hunger, mass destruction of all life on the planet.

As a result of these processes, the Earth will very soon become a copy of Venus – the same lifeless, what we are seeing this planet now…

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