The tropical depression of the Urduja is moving to the Philippines

In the Philippine Sea between the Philippines and Palau, the tropical depression of Urduja was formed. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, in the coming days the element may grow to a tropical storm.
“Urduja” will cause very heavy rainfall in the Philippines this week. Areas from southern Luzon to northern Mindoro are at greatest risk of flooding. Expected 150-300 mm of precipitation, in some places – 450 mm of precipitation.

Along with the threat of floods, heavy rains will lead to the threat of landslides throughout the central and southern part of the Philippines.

The combination of floods and mudflows can also lead to serious traffic problems throughout the region.

To the East Visayas and the Bikol region, destructive winds will collapse, gusts up to 100 km / h are possible.

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