The US Air Force spray chemicals over Texas to deal with the effects of Hurricane Harvey

The Pentagon sent the C-130X aircraft from the 910 air wing located in Youngstown, Ohio, Texas, with installations for spraying chemicals to reduce the impact of the recent hurricane Harvey in the United States.

C-130Hs can create artificial clouds saturated with various chemicals to fight insects. Around Houston and other areas affected by the storm, there are many water bodies with stagnant and heavily polluted water, after the hurricane, insect populations will inevitably increase, which poses a serious health risk for the population of southeast Texas.

Mosquitoes can carry and transmit malaria, the western nil virus, zika and several types of encephalitis. C-130 treats chemicals with more than six million acres of land. Each aircraft can handle 190,000 acres a day, spraying chemicals into the atmosphere.

According to ecologists, such a large-scale spraying of poisonous chemicals in the atmosphere is dangerous not only for mosquitoes. All these substances eventually end up in all living organisms, and their impact on the human body is not fully understood and what will happen in the long term is not known.

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